Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy LuckFuck.com will explain what we do with your personal details we automatically and manually receive from our users. LuckFuck.com reserves the right to change this policy at any time and any changes made in this policy will be affective immediately. LuckFuck.com will notify their members by email if any changes are made to this privacy policy.

By creating a profile at LuckFuck.com, you automatically consent to our collection, use and disclosure of certain personal information provided to us upon registration. Please feel free to read this privacy policy carefully. By creating a profile at LuckFuck.com you automatically agree to this privacy policy and indicate that you have read the policy carefully.

1. Information given upon registration

Any personal details provided to LuckFuck.com in the registration process will be stored and handled with great care. LuckFuck.com will NOT use any of this personal information without the users agreement. Any informations which the user chooses to put into their profile will be published on LuckFuck.com without further notice. Any user is free to change, delete or add information at any time. If you are from the European Union your data will not be stored on any of the servers owned by LuckFuck.com

2. Accuracy of personal details

LuckFuck.com will do every effort we can do to ensure the information you see in profiles is true and accurate. If LuckFuck.com suspects any use of giving false personal details or performing digital identity theft, we will close the members immediately without any further notice.

3. Access to your personal details

LuckFuck.com employees have access to your personal details in order to maintain the website. Any employee will NOT access these details without any good reason or need to access the profile for maintenance/legal actions. Any unauthorized access or illegal disclosure of any personal details from a LuckFuck.com profile by an employee is strictly prohibited. Employees will handle your personal deters with the greatest care.

4. Protection of minors

LuckFuck.com contains adult material and therefore does not allow users under the age of 18. It is strictly prohibited to use the services of LuckFuck.com for minors. If LuckFuck.com discovers any user to be younger than the age of 18, the profile will automatically be closed without any further notice.

5. Handling of complaints

If any user should have any questions or remarks, the LuckFuck.com team can be reached by the contact form which is located on our contact page. We pledge to respond within three business days to any queries.

6. Promotion

From time to time, LuckFuck.com will use profiles in it’s promotion campaign in order to gain popularity. LuckFuck.com will not ask any LuckFuck.com profile for permission for these ends. LuckFuck.com may use any email address for it’s partners. If you do not want this, please close your LuckFuck.com profile.
If LuckFuck.com finds any promotional offers which the team finds interesting for it’s users, LuckFuck.com may use the email address given upon registration for these offers. From time to time, LuckFuck.com users may receive email from third party partners.

7. Use of information from LuckFuck.com

It is strictly prohibited to use and gather any (personal) information found on LuckFuck.com for private or spam purposes. If LuckFuck.com discovers any member is gathering information form LuckFuck.com for these ends, the profile and user will be bannen from LuckFuck.com without any further notice.